Powerful Idioms to Talk about your Business Progress and Growth

Growth is valued in every business that’s why it’s a topic that’s often discussed during interviews, meetings, negotiations, and social conversations. Growth is admired, while stagnancy makes us lose interest or devalue something. When we know there’s no more growth, we thought we have already seen its potential. However, if we know that something evolves and still grows, we perceive that we still have something to look forward to. In the English language, there are different ways to articulate that your business is growing. You can use idioms to clearly express your message about growth.

Step up your game

Improving your strategies is important to keep yourself competitive in the business. Simply meeting business trends is not enough to remain recognizable. As more businesses have been opened in recent years, competition has become tighter. Strategies have become more advanced, sophisticated, and aggressive to stay up-to-date and quickly adapt to changes. Technology has made the business more competitive than ever, making it easier to be left out these days. To stay afloat, you always have to keep improving. 

If you want to inform or advise others to improve or perform well, use the idiom “step up your game”. This tells an effort or strategy is to be made to advance and get better at doing something. 

Example: We need to develop good marketing strategies to step up our game and sell our products in the international market.

Make a headway

When a company adapts well to the current business climate and continues to be productive and profitable despite challenging situations, it means it thrives. It is normal for businesses to face roadblocks and risks that may hamper their growth. However, those with good strategies even grow despite those obstacles.

During meetings, updating your team members about the progress of your current project is common. You inform them about the latest development to know if targets and deadlines are being met. If you want to update others that your business or projects have moved forward, you can use the expression “make a headway.” It means that you make progress in achieving something.

Example: After half a year of researching and developing this product, we’ve finally made headway and find the right formula to produce it.

Bear Fruit

For every effort you put forth in your projects or business ventures it should have a purpose. It must be aimed at achieving your target result. However, before you achieve the desired outcome, you have to work on it. This could mean setting up new policies or systems to have a better workflow. Also, it could mean adopting a more advanced strategy or spending more time to complete or improve it. Whatever form of effort you put into your work or business, the ultimate target is to see results.

An expression commonly used when you want to say that you’ve already seen results after putting effort is “bear fruit”. It suggests that you have been satisfied with the result that you’ve seen. 

Example: After a month of producing and running our marketing campaigns, we have seen that it is now bearing fruit. 

Make a breakthrough

Sticking to tried and tested techniques and being consistent in what you do always leads to growth. However, in some cases, trying different approaches and taking risks can also lead to important discoveries and events. This can even provide a solution to your existing problems or improve your situation. While in other instances, it can result in significant growth.

To articulate that you have achieved major progress in your project or business,  the idiom “make a breakthrough” can be used. Also, you can use it if you want to tell others that you have come up with great innovation. Depending on your message, you can use the word “have” instead of “make.”

Example: After changing our strategies and adopted this new technology and technique, we have made a breakthrough. 

Engage in conversations about growth and express it in creative ways. Do not limit yourself to using single vocabularies like “thrive” and “grow” only. Instead, have fun using the growth idioms above in your business talks. Not only will these idioms prevent redundancy, but they will also make your conversation more engaging and interesting. Plus, it will make you sound more like an advanced speaker. Using other ways to articulate your growth reflects that you are also thriving in your English language learning.


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Kaycie Gayle is a freelance content writer and a digital publisher. Her writings are mostly about, travel, culture, people, food, and communication.