Mastering English While Having Fun: 4 Best Movies to Learn English

Learning English can give us significant advantages in business and in building relationships around the globe. It’s not surprising because English is the number one spoken language. Investing time on learning it will surely reap benefits.

The problem is, we might not be motivated every time to sit down and learn it. After all, we are just human. We get bored. So, what do we do? Do we quit mastering the English language?

I say, NO! You just need a little variation in your English studies. And one technique to spice it up is watching English movies!


Advantages of Movies for Learning English

You may think that you are wasting your time watching movies instead of that book or online modules. You are mistaken. Watching movies is not procrastination from learning. Of course, you still need those lectures and modules.

You just have to have proper intention and moderation for it to be effective. When done right, here are some advantages.


Learn How the Language is Actually Spoken

English movies are made mainly for the audience who can actually understand it. It’s for English speakers, not English learners.

The tones and pronunciation exhibit how the words and phrases are used in regular conversations. It gives you realistic examples of how the words should be spoken naturally.


Sneak Peek to their Culture

It’s not every moment that we experience English culture. I mean, you don’t get to travel every single time to observe how things are done or how people interact in a specific area.

But even if you can, randomly staring at people is quite rude. That’s why a movie is like a convenient compromise — a sneak peek to their culture.


It’s Entertaining!

Probably the most apparent reason! Watching movies is like detaching yourself from your current reality. It’s an immersion to the world of the characters —as if you are with them in their journey of love, triumph, sadness, and everything else in between.

May it be an exhilarating journey to a destitute land to save the world or a heart-warming love story set in the perfect places. Watching movies are truly entertaining!


To-Dos When Watching for English Learning

Now, we should not be carried away from all this fun. Again, having the intention to learn is vital when watching for learning English. Here are some tips:

Use Subtitles

Subtitles give us access to understanding movies that’s not in our native tongue. It’s a guide that matches what the characters mean. And good translations consider the context as to why they said it.

As a beginner, use subtitles in your local language so that you can follow their train of thought.

If you have learned enough English, the next step is to use English subtitles instead of your native language. This practice will refine your understanding, especially when the characters use idioms or other phrases, and when is it proper time to say it.

Write Down and Repeat Your Favorite Lines

Some dialogues may impact you. Write the lines down and repeat them many times. Most books don’t use informal language in their examples. Learning them from English movies is an excellent vocabulary tool for more dynamic conversations.

Don’t Pick Overly Complicated Movies

Yes, you can watch blockbusters. But if you are watching for learning, make sure that you can understand the movie at least on your current English level.

For example, watching the American Science Fiction “Primer (2004)” might pique your curiosity. But it’s overly complicated plot might not help your English-mastering cause.

It’s best to choose lighter movies like the following. Here are the top movie suggestions for English learning.

  • The King’s Speech

If you want to learn pronunciation, why not from the story of the King himself? The King’s Speech is an inspiring movie about King George VI and his journey to the most crucial speech in his life.

During his time, the United Kingdom is at war with the Soviets. And his speech is vital to set the pace of their resistance. It sounds easy, but King George has a condition. He stammers and stutters when speaking.

Watch how he overcame his speech problems and became the Symbol of British determination at that time.  You may not have the same weight to your speeches, but it shows that learning proper English pronunciation is indeed possible for everyone, even the King!

  • Toy Story

The animated movie “Toy Story” spans four titles personifying the life of toys. Toy Story (1995) started with Andy with his favorite toy, a cowboy named “Woody.” As Andy leaves the room, the toys come back to life.

The conflict happens when a new toy, “Buzz Lightyear,” a space ranger, became Andy’s new favorite. Woody plotted to evict Buzz from the house. But as they fought, they got lost far away from Andy.

Improve your beginner vocabulary with this animated movie for kids. But the producers also inserted snippets for adult gags. So, watch out for those references and have fun!

  • Notting Hill

Notting Hill is a story of a bookseller in London who fell in love with an American Actress in Notting Hill, London. Feel the romance as Anna and William show you their whirlwind of a romantic story.

Experience learning both British and American English in one go. There are also many quotable quotes like:

“I live in Notting Hill. You live in Beverly Hills. Everyone in the world knows who you are; my mother has trouble remembering my name.”

“After all, I’m just a girl, standing in front of a boy, asking him to love her.”

It’s a light-hearted classic to keep your days in a state of love.

  • Friends

It may not be a movie. But the “Friends” series will take you to the antics of Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Joey, Chandler, and Ross.

This long-running sitcom will help you become more eloquent in conversing. They use a lot of slang, practical vocabulary, and comedic timing that can be useful when you chat in real-life.



Learning English can be enjoyable! With a mentor, it will not only be fun but also faster. Check out LingualBox for high-caliber mentors at affordable rates (as low as $2 per session!)

With the movies above plus your diligent learnings, you can speak English in no time! Enjoy the movies!


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