9 Useful Tips to Learn English Quickly

Roughly 1.5 Billion people in the world speak the English language. That’s why learning English is beneficial to you. You are opening yourself to vast opportunities in business, personal relationships, and even travel!

After all, communication is essential for you to succeed. And to succeed in the world, you must know at least the commonly used language.

But with your limited time, is there a way to learn English fast? Here are 9 useful tips to learn English quickly.


Know Why You Want to Study English

First of all, you must know why you are studying English. What is your purpose? It’s easy to get sidetracked when you don’t have a concrete reason why you want to study English.

Is it communicate better for your future global business? Is it to meet new people in the world? Or better yet, do you want to speak English for travel?

Your reason isn’t supposed to be an immense life-or-death dramatic cause. It can be as simple as “I just want to understand the Netflix series I’m watching without the subtitles.”

Whatever the reason might be, remember this every time for that extra push when studying.


Consistently Schedule Time to Study Everyday

Language is hard to learn. Just look at how long before kids can talk. It took them 18 months on average for their first word!

If you’re serious, I’m pretty sure it won’t take you that long. But if you don’t consistently schedule the time to study every day, it might actually take forever.

Make it a point to allocate at least 30 mins or more of English study time per day. Intentionally block the schedule to focus on learning new vocabulary or English phrases every day. 


Study the Most Common Vocabulary First

And speaking of vocabulary, you don’t need all of the English words before you become conversant.

You just need to start learning the commonly used words to progress. Check this link for the top 100 most common words in the English language.


Use Electronic Flashcards

When you are learning English vocabulary, you can use special techniques to your advantage. One effective way is through flashcards.

Flashcards are useful because it causes “active recall” by remembering the words in the present — unlike reading a book. Studies have shown that “active recall” strengthens neurons more for better memory.

And you don’t have to write all your flashcards. You can use technology to your advantage. Multiple apps can work like flashcards to aid you in memorizing some words. The best free app right now is “Anki,” which means “memorizing” in Japanese.

In the Anki community, you can look for shared decks for English vocabulary flashcards. Download the app here.


Have an English Speaking Buddy

Studying alone can only go so much. You need to speak the language to learn it.

Find an English-speaking buddy. Talk about anything under the sun. You can start with how your day went or that new gadget you wanted to buy. Anything!

By practicing conversations, you can improve your English-speaking skills and discover some vocabulary you need to use.


Bring Your Dictionary

When speaking a new language, you might want to express words in your language but don’t know its English counterpart. That’s where your trusted dictionary comes in place.

You can have a stand-alone book. But I suggest just download an app or use Google Translate when you want to express certain words you don’t know in English.


Repeat, Repeat, Repeat

90% of the things we study are forgotten after a month. If you want to solidify your English proficiency, you need to repeat, repeat, and repeat.

You don’t want to waste your effort.  Practice speaking English over and over again so that it will become a part of you.


Watch Television and Listen to Music in English

Not everyone likes studying. But it’s NOT possible to learn English without studying.

What you can do is supplement your learning with something you enjoy. And that might be television series!

You can watch television and listen to music to learn more English vocabulary. Open up that series you’ve always wanted to catch up to. Listen to the top hits in the billboard charts.

Studying English doesn’t have to be boring.


Get Your Personal Teacher

Learning in a classroom setup might not be as effective. The pace will depend on most of your classmates. And what are the chances that your teacher will be focused on helping you?

That’s why getting a personal teacher is beneficial to you. You may think it’s expensive, but with Lingual Box’s affordable rates, you can have your private English teacher for as low as $2.2 per 25-minute class.

What’s good is that the teachers are highly trained professionals who can help you with your current English fluency every step of the way. You don’t have to second-guess your lessons.

It’s like a shortcut. It will make your learning so much faster.


It’s Alright to Make Mistakes

Lastly, remember that it’s alright to make mistakes. You will have plenty in your English-learning journey. With these 9 tips, I hope you learn English as fast as possible! Good luck!

Miko Eclipse is a digital nomad writer who travels the world while working online! He likes to meet new people, experience the culture, and gobble on the best food the country has to offer. English is his 2nd language for travel. And it can be yours as well by reading our weekly updates on our blog!