7 Romance-Related Idioms and What They Mean

The language of love is tricky to master. But there are ways that one can be fluent in it. Similarly, as one learns a foreign language, you can learn a few tips and tricks to help you express love better. There are plenty of idioms—phrases that mean differently than the literal meanings of the words that make them up to put together—that one can use to talk about love. And English speakers need to understand these so they can clearly communicate with potential love interests.

These seven romance-related idioms are phrases you should know if and when you are in a relationship (or are hoping to be!), especially with someone whose primary language of communication is English. Here’s what they mean and some examples of how they can be used!

Better Half

One’s “better half” is his or her spouse, but it can also refer to a person’s lover or sexual partner. It is as if the couple is one and the two of them form halves of the whole relationship.


I think this one-bedroom apartment is just enough space for me and my better half.

I would like to introduce you to my better half. We just got married three months ago!

Of course, he’s bringing his better half—they are inseparable!

Fix (Somebody) Up

To “fix (somebody) up” with someone is to introduce them to another person in the hopes that they develop a romantic relationship. Simply, it is setting a person up on a date with another person.


I told mom I am not interested in getting into a relationship, but she insists on fixing me up with her co-worker’s son.

I will fix you up with my sister’s friend. He is amusing and sweet; I think you guys will be a good match!

I am back in the dating scene. I need somebody to fix me up!

Head Over Heels

When a person is “head over heels” for someone, that means they are completely, deeply, madly in love with that person. It is a figure of speech that describes the act and feeling of falling in love.


Martha is completely head over heels about her new boyfriend.

He cannot stop talking about this girl he met at the party. He is head over heels in love!

The first time I was ever head over heels for someone was for my first high school lover.

Hit It Off

When you “hit it off” with someone, that means that you naturally bonded with them, that you got along together immediately after they meet. This is a common phrase said when one meets someone or goes on a date, and they quickly establish a good relationship.


Justin and Ella hit it off. He already invited her to be his date at his sister’s wedding.

I think you and this guy are going to hit it off because you have the same interests.

There will not be a second date. I do not think we hit it off.

Match Made in Heaven

Relationships that are a “match made in heaven” involve two people who are perfectly suited to each other. These couples are so compatible that the phrase assumes that the pair were made specifically for each other—as if they were soulmates.


My grandparents are celebrating 75 years of marriage. That is what we call a match made in heaven!

I have never seen a couple as compatible as you and your husband—a true match made in heaven.

This year I am just hoping to find my match made in heaven.

Puppy Love

“Puppy love” describes immature relationships that often take place during one’s childhood or adolescence. It sometimes refers to crushes (platonic attractions) that do not turn into actual relationships. However, nowadays, the term also refers to newly-started relationships that resemble young love in the sense that they are childish or non-committal.


I never really wanted to end up with him. It was just puppy love!

Our relationship was only puppy love. We were only kids, after all.

I can tell if it is puppy love or real love depending on how deeply I fall in love with a person.

Tie the Knot

The phrase “tie the knot” means to get married. On a related note, the phrase “pop the question” means to ask someone to marry them. Once a person pops the question to their significant other, and that person says yes, the next step is to tie the knot.


Just four months after Blake popped the question, he and Karen tied the knot in a beautiful ceremony by the beach.

Congratulations to you and your new wife for tying the knot!

They were so in love that I was convinced that they would tie the knot even sooner than I would.


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Jica Simpas is a writer based in Metro Manila, Philippines. She has over two years of writing experience in producing travel and food-related content. She is currently exploring new writing ventures to expand her practice.