6 Tips to Learn English Faster

Learning a new language like English is hard. You need to learn alien words, grammar patterns, and speaking intonation. How can you learn with all the responsibilities you currently have?

But Learning English gives too many benefits. It can lead to opportunities for a better career or business. You can easily travel, and you can even communicate with new friends effortlessly.

It’s an opportunity that’s too hard to pass.

So if you can choose, I think you want to learn it the fastest way possible, right? Well, it will really depend on your discipline and your capacity to learn new things. But to make it easier, here are 6 tips to learn English faster.

Set Attainable Goals

A lot of people overestimate what they can do in a month. But underestimate what they can do in a year or longer. You need to set attainable goals to help you in learning English.

Set something doable for you like “I will learn 30 new words this week” or “I will converse with a friend in English thrice a week.”

Take note, what is doable is different for everyone. So gauge your skills and set something you believe you can attain. If you fail, it’s alright. Just readjust your goals and try again. The important thing is that your goals motivates you to progress every day.

Learn the Top Vocabulary First

There are around 1,000,000 words in the English language. How can you learn everything fast from scratch? The secret is, you don’t have too. You just have to know enough words to be conversant in English.

In fact, 50 percent of English text just contains the top 100 common English words. Afterwards, you can enhance your vocabulary further by learning around 10-15 words and phrases every day. Surely, with consistent effort, you will learn faster.

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Use Tools and Applications

These are modern times. Why not use technology to your advantage? There are multiple tools that you can use to hasten your learning. One effective way is through electronic flashcards.

Flashcards are effective because they force your brain to actively recall something from scratch. It is proven to create a stronger neural connection for memorizing new vocabulary and phrases. And Anki (iOS & Android) is currently the best app for virtual flashcards.

If you are busy doing some chores, maybe you can also listen to some English learning podcasts to make yourself productive. Or if you want to write English but having a hard time, you can use the following apps such as Google Translate or Grammarly to help you write better English.

There are a lot of apps out there. You can check these Apps to help you learn English faster. You just need to find something that you can use consistently and grow your skill with technology.

Interact with People Using English

Practice makes perfect. And what better way to practice using English in interacting with people. English is not just a theory you learn alone. You can learn more stuff when you apply what you learn through a conversation.

You can start conversing with friends who are native English speakers through social media or communication tools. What’s good is that they can also give you tips on your English and correct it early.

If you don’t know anyone, you can try the app Hello Talk (iOS & Android). You can foster new relationships, and you learn as well! Sweet!

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Have an Expert Guide You

Sometimes, people fail to learn because they don’t know where to start. Should I start with learning vocabulary? Should I use this resource to write English first? With all the English learning resources out there, what should you try to learn first?

Again, it will depend on your current skill level. You need a structured lesson plan. And it’s best if someone will guide you along the way.

Right now, LingualBox offers 1-on-1 lessons with certified English tutors to guide in your English journey. They can prepare a plan for you so that you can learn as fast as you can with your current skill level. It’s actually the best shortcut you can get — no more trial and error.

Have Fun Learning English!

Lastly, learning should not be an arduous task! You can incorporate things you like while learning. It can be talking to new people. You can listen to some music and podcasts. You can even strategically watch movies and Netflix to learn English better.

There are so many ways to make your English learning journey enjoyable. And if you enjoy it, you can learn it faster. And even if you fail to learn it fast, you will surely and consistently push through with your learning in the long run.

After all, it doesn’t matter how fast you reach a destination. What matters is enjoying the journey and reaching it in the process. With that, have fun learning English!

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