6 Best Idioms to Tell Someone They Are Beautiful

Have you ever been in a situation where you can’t find the right words to exactly describe someone’s beauty? At times, you may find the word “beautiful” or “attractive” not enough to express your appreciation. Beauty inspires creativity. Native speakers use different expressions to articulate how beautiful something is. Using idioms to tell someone they are good-looking will not only make your message more interesting but convincing, expressive, and descriptive as well. It can create a mental picture in your listeners. To make it easy for you, we’ve listed six beauty idioms. Try these handpicked idioms the next time you want to express your appreciation for someone’s beauty.

As pretty as a picture

Magazines and advertisements often show you pictures of fine-looking individuals. They seemed to have a perfect face and flawless skin. Pictures can show an ideal look, especially if you are photogenic or if it has been enhanced. However, some people look genuinely beautiful may it be in person or in a photograph.  They look like an image from a photo because they are stunning even up close. 

To describe this kind of beauty, you can use the idiom “as pretty as a picture.” This means that the person is very attractive or appealing.

Example: I was mesmerized when I’ve seen her. She is as pretty as a picture.

She is a 10

When someone described a person to be beautiful, we are curious how beautiful that individual is. We want to know the degree of beauty a person has for us to set our expectations. In conversations and situations where personal appearance is highly considered and serves as a requirement, a person’s attractiveness rating might be asked. To be more specific in describing someone’s appearance, you can give a rating.

An expression you can use to tell that a person is perfect in looks is “she is a 10.”  It shows that you really appreciate her looks by giving her the highest rating.

Example: Our brand’s new model is a 10.

Look like a million dollars

Beauty can be enhanced by clothes and accessories. Some may seem not to be attractive enough because they focus on other things instead of beautifying themselves. However, when they wear the right clothing and make-up that fits them, they transform and look more attractive. 

Be generous in complimenting someone by using the expression “look like a million dollars”. This means that the person looks extremely attractive and stunningly elegant for being well-dressed.

Example: People can’t help staring at you. You look like a million dollars in your outfit.

Cut a dash

Some people make an impression right away the moment you see them. They look impressively attractive because of how they carry themself, their behavior, their appearance, or by wearing stylish clothes. Their bold manner or striking appearance makes them stand out and look smart. The idiom “cut a dash” is a suited expression to refer to someone who has this kind of quality.

Example: The newly hired employee really cuts a dash in her red dress.

Easy on the eyes

Occasionally, you will find charming people you just like to keep staring at because they are aesthetically pleasing and decent-looking. Their beauty doesn’t blind or overwhelm you. You don’t get tired of looking at them because their appearance is engrossing. They are easy to look at, so you can stare at them for a long time. On the other hand, what is perceived as ugly is hard to look at and makes you want to turn away. Easy on the eyes is a good idiom to tell someone that you like seeing them because they have a good look. 

Example: Mary is always shown on the video because she’s easy on the eyes.

Drop-dead gorgeous

Ever experienced seeing your idol in person and found them too attractive? You get that mixed emotion where you feel delighted, nervous, and starstruck. Your excitement is unexplainable that you may find it hard to breathe, and your heart beats fast because of the overwhelming feeling. Those who have an extreme reaction even have the tendency to feel that they would faint. Some beautiful people have that kind of impact on others. They may not be famous, but they make a strong impact and are undeniably irresistible.  

If you want to intensify your description of someone’s beauty, you can use the expression “drop-dead gorgeous.” It will hint to others that the person you are describing is extremely attractive or breathtakingly beautiful.

Example: The woman I’ll be interviewing today is known to be drop-dead gorgeous.


Make your description of beauty evocative by using the idioms above. Your listeners will not only be more interested in listening, but you’ll also be able to set the right expectation. Instead of giving a vague description, these idioms can paint a picture in their mind. 


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Kaycie Gayle is a freelance content writer and a digital publisher. Her writings are mostly about, travel, culture, people, food, and communication.