11 Easy Conversation Starters

Small talk may be awkward at first, but if you have several topics in mind to talk about, you would probably find yourself getting more comfortable and more engaging in holding a conversation.

Though it may make you anxious, the key is to just begin and enjoy the exchange of thoughts between you and another person. Small talk does not have to be just a way to fill in dead air or silence.

What are subjects you can discuss? We are sharing with you some areas you can look into to get the ball rolling.



Music joins people together regardless of race or culture. It is inherent in human beings to recognize beat, melody, and instruments in a song.

It’s wonderful to start a conversation about music because it is a light topic that does not really require strong opinions. You can talk about the genre you like the most and your favorites. You can talk about upcoming concerts and the singers you listen to.

A conversation about music would be enriching as you get to think about the effect of a certain song on you or how a certain musician inspires you.


Bucket List

Life is short as they say and this is the reason people set a bucket list, their bucket list. This topic is an awesome ice breaker as you get to talk about what you want to achieve and perhaps, what you have already accomplished in that list.

In this conversation, you can communicate what inspires you and motivates you. You can reveal your personality and standards in life. This conversation about goals and dreams would be really fun and engaging.



Are you currently learning in a formal school? Do you have plans of taking a course soon? You can describe what you are learning or what you intend to uncover.

You can also share about your study tips, skills, and strategies. Schooling may sound a boring topic, but it would serve as a ground for meaningful insights.



Food, though it varies per culture, is a great human connector. It’s nice to talk about your similarities in tastes as well as differences with another individual. From the conversation, you might be able to discover dishes you have not tried or even heard of.

A conversation regarding food might be extended to furthering friendship, like going out to try a certain restaurant or to hang out at home and cook. Conversations about food may lead to other topics such as history, heritage, and even memories. It’s indeed a great conversation starter.



You can subdivide this topic into fashion, accessories, brands, and customer service. What do you usually shop for and are you a fan of promotional discounts? Do you collect membership cards? Are brand names important to you? Can you recommend good shops?

There are so many things you can further talk about in this area. You can also share some trivia that you know about certain products or brands.



When one talks about ambitions, you can’t help but feel excited for the person. Ambitions propel you to do your best and overcome failures. It makes you want to be positive no matter what the hardships are.

Because of the nature of this topic, it’s pleasant to have it as a conversation starter. You can express why your ambition is such and who has influenced you to go for it. You can convey your desires and action plans.



What do you do for leisure? What do you enjoy doing? These questions alone trigger interest and could lead to a delightful exchange.

With the advent of the concept of work-life balance, it is beneficial to have a discussion on the kind of hobbies one participates in. What you do for fun, what sparks your creativity and what makes you productive in other ways matter.

When you talk about hobbies, your face will surely light up and this will foster good rapport. It will make you look more interesting to others because you have many ideas to share and stories to tell.



Work is a subject that incites profound discussions. You can have a heart-to-heart or a head-to-head exchange around this area.

You can share your insights about the nature of your job, what your company does, what your position entails. You can also move your discussion to industries and their impact on the community.

You can ask about the other person’s dream job or dream role. The topic on work could be a lengthy and meaningful conversation as it can bring about many thoughts and feelings.



Who does not want to talk about travel? Everyone does! It gives you this certain glow and elation. You can share a travel that you have planned yourself and give some tips and tricks. You can discuss memorable experiences and learnings. You can talk about how you overcame challenges in your trip.

You can also share what you would like to discover in your travel plans. Are you going to learn cuisines, history, or a language? When you have this topic, your mind will definitely wander and you will keep on just talking and talking.


Sports / Fitness

What’s a physical activity that you do to stay healthy and strong? These days, it is common goal to beat stress. A good way is to involve yourself in sports and fitness. You can easily talk about a routine that you follow and perhaps, be able to influence another individual to try it out.

You can share your challenges and encourage another person to start a fitness plan, too.



With the advent of social media, it is now easy to have peak into the lives of celebrities. There are so many things you can talk about in this area. You can convey what you like about the celebrity you follow or admire. Do you know their life stories? How do they inspire you? How do they influence the community?


You don’t have to dread starting a conversation. In the beginning you may feel shy or intimated by others. Once you get familiar with the activity and with these topics, you would be more confident.

Use these topics as your conversation starters and feel free to share what’s on your mind. Gain more friends and build a good rapport with others!

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