11 Books You Should Read to Learn Business English for Beginners

Learning English is a daunting task – more so using it for business. There are specific standards and jargon that one should know to convey their ideas during meetings and presentations effectively.

Enrolling in an English mentorship program is probably the fastest way to get the best skills possible. For as low as $2 per session, LingualBox offers one-on-one English classes online to help you learn at your own pace.

But it is a two-way street. You can’t rely solely on your English teachers. You also need to put in the effort to learn on your own.

One of the ways to learn how to communicate business English further is by reading English business books. The problem is, there are countless books available out there. What should you look for then? When you are choosing, you should check the following criteria.

Updated and Relevant

How we do business today changed as new technologies arise. Back then, you need to meet face-to-face to close deals. Right now, major business meetings can be done online. And the contract can be signed with just a digital signature.

More and more of these innovations will change business dealings. That’s why your book should be updated and relevant for today. It should be constantly revised in such a way that it reflects modern examples.


The books should have practical applications that can be used in everyday business transactions. There should be example phrases, templates, and sentences you can readily use after learning it. It’s good also if it applies cultural perspectives in its examples.

Supply Your Current Needs

There are four applications you need to hone when learning English. These are reading, writing, speaking, and listening. What aspect do you want to improve as of the moment? The book should supply that current need adequately.

Here are some book recommendations depending on the aspect you want to improve.

Books for Vocabulary and Grammar

The words you use are essential to close your deals. You need to know how to convey your ideas and spark action from your audience.

But a limited vocabulary might stop you from saying what you want clearly. On top of that, you need to know the proper grammar rules to express it effectively.

That’s why books for Business English vocabulary and grammar are crucial. Here are some basic books that might be useful for beginners:

Books for Business Presentations

Presenting is more than just reading your keynote slides. You need to connect with your audience compellingly way so that you can persuade them to make a decision.

It’s easier said than done. And it becomes harder because English is not your primary language. Luckily, some books enumerate what you need in presenting Business English.

They not only teach you the proper words to say, but they also include techniques to boost your confidence and become more effective in presenting. Here are our suggested books:

Books for Conversations During Business Meetings and Business Dealings

Business talks don’t happen in the boardroom alone. Conversations to create rapport is essential to close the deal. But you need to know what are the common idioms and expressions you can use to connect with your clients.

Here are some books that might help:

Books for Business Writing

Writing for business is a lot different from crafting letters to your friends. It requires to be more formal and straight to the point.

Not to mention, the change brought by social media and the internet replaced traditional business writing.

That’s why you need to find books that are designed to help you write the best business pitches for your needs. Find something that is up-to-date and provide templates that are useful when you finally create your emails, reports, and letters.

Here are the best books for Effective Business English writing:

All-in-one Business Text Books

You may want one resource that encompasses reading, writing, speaking, and listening. It may be because you don’t have enough time to read everything. Or you just want one resource that is systematized to help you learn holistically.

These are the best all-in-one English Business books for beginners.


With these books, I hope you get to learn English well for your business ventures. Good luck!

Miko Eclipse is a digital nomad writer who travels the world while working online! He likes to meet new people, experience the culture, and gobble on the best food the country has to offer. English is his 2nd language for travel. And it can be yours as well by reading our weekly updates on our blog!